Nestled within the stunning Dolomite mountains, Bolzano serves as the enchanting gateway to a world of natural wonders. Set out on a private tour that promises to whisk you away on an unforgettable journey, where you’ll discover the heart of this breathtaking alpine region. From the serene Braies Lake to the majestic Three Peaks of Lavaredo, each destination offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. With a dedicated driver-guide at your side, you’ll effortlessly navigate the picturesque landscapes, enjoying the sheer grandeur of this alpine oasis. Intrigued? Uncover the secrets that lie within the Dolomites, where every twist and turn promises to leave you in awe.

Key Points

From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Key Points

  • Explore the most iconic landmarks of the Dolomites, including Braies Lake, Three Peaks of Lavaredo, and Misurina Lake.
  • Traverse the renowned Great Dolomites Road, taking in breathtaking vistas and immersing in the region’s natural wonders.
  • Enjoy a seamless, all-inclusive experience with a dedicated driver-guide, complimentary bottled water, and convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off.
  • Experience the captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural charm in the Dolomites region, with Bolzano as the gateway.
  • Benefit from a private tour with a group size of up to 7 people, with a flexible cancellation policy up to 24 hours in advance.

Tour Highlights

From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Tour Highlights

The tour offers a captivating exploration of the Dolomites’ most iconic landmarks, from the serene Braies Lake to the awe-inspiring Three Peaks of Lavaredo, the true symbol of this majestic mountain range.

Guests will marvel at the stunning natural beauty of Misurina Lake, set against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Dolomite peaks. The tour also includes a visit to the charming mountain resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, renowned for its hosting of the 1956 Winter Olympics.

Throughout the journey, travelers will savor the thrill of traversing the renowned Great Dolomites Road, taking in the region’s breathtaking vistas and rich cultural heritage.

Included Amenities

From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Included Amenities

This private Dolomites tour provides travelers with a selection of thoughtfully curated amenities to enhance their experience.

Guests enjoy complimentary bottled water throughout the day, ensuring they stay hydrated as they enjoy the region’s breathtaking landscapes.

Plus, a dedicated driver-guide accompanies the group, offering expert commentary and seamless transportation between the tour’s destinations.

With hotel pickup and drop-off included, travelers can sit back, relax, and fully enjoy the majesty of the Dolomites without the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads.

This all-inclusive experience allows guests to focus on creating cherished memories in one of Italy’s most stunning natural wonders.

Booking Information

From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Booking Information

Travelers can book this private Dolomites tour from $1,361.20 per group, accommodating up to 7 people. Reservations can be made now with the option to pay later, and cancellations are free up to 24 hours in advance, providing ample flexibility for guests. This incredible journey through the breathtaking Dolomites mountains promises an unforgettable experience, from the iconic Braies Lake to the majestic 3 Peaks of Lavaredo. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Eastern Dolomites and the Great Dolomites Road, with the added convenience of hotel pick-up and drop-off. Secure your spot today and get ready to be captivated by the natural wonders of this remarkable region!

Booking Details Value
Price per Group $1,361.20
Group Size Up to 7 people
Reservation Reserve now, pay later
Cancellation Free up to 24 hours in advance
Inclusions Hotel pick-up/drop-off

Frequently Asked Questions

From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Vehicle Will Be Used for the Tour?

The tour will be conducted in a comfortable private vehicle, allowing guests to sit back and enjoy the breathtaking Dolomite scenery in style. The driver will expertly navigate the winding mountain roads, ensuring a smooth and memorable journey.

Can the Tour Be Customized Based on My Interests?

This private tour can be customized based on your interests. The knowledgeable driver-guide will work with you to craft an itinerary that showcases the stunning Dolomites landscape in a way that aligns with your preferences.

Are Child Seats or Booster Seats Available Upon Request?

The provider offers child seats and booster seats upon request, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for families. This thoughtful accommodation allows guests to fully enjoy the scenic tour with their loved ones.

Is the Tour Guide Fluent in Multiple Languages?

The tour guide is highly multilingual, fluent in several languages to provide an immersive experience. They’ll expertly navigate the Dolomites, sharing fascinating insights and ensuring a seamless, customized journey tailored to each guest’s needs.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges During the Tour?

The tour includes round-trip transportation and a knowledgeable driver/guide, but there are no additional fees or charges during the tour. Travelers only need to cover the cost of their own food and drinks.


From Bolzano: The Heart of the Dolomites Private Tour by Car - Recap

The Dolomites private tour from Bolzano promises an unforgettable adventure, immersing travelers in the region’s breathtaking natural beauty.

From serene Braies Lake to the awe-inspiring Three Peaks, this all-inclusive experience allows you to discover the Dolomites’ iconic landmarks in style.

With a dedicated driver-guide, seamless transportation, and flexible booking, this is the perfect way to explore the heart of this magnificent mountain paradise.

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