Discover the cinematic splendor of Lake Como aboard a wooden boat on this exclusive tour. Glide past opulent villas and charming towns, uncovering the hidden gems that have captivated filmmakers and romantics alike. From the enchanting streets of Bellagio to the iconic estates featured in renowned movies, this immersive experience offers a chance to truly take in the magic of the region. With opportunities to swim, savor refreshments, and capture breathtaking photo stops, the journey promises an unforgettable exploration of the area’s natural beauty and cultural richness. What secrets await just beyond the shoreline?

Key Points

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Key Points

  • Intimate and exclusive wooden boat tour to discover the hidden gems and cinematic landscapes of Lake Como.
  • Opportunity to admire movie-set villas, enchanting Bellagio, and iconic estates featured in cinematic masterpieces.
  • Breathtaking photo stops at Villa La Cassinella, Villa del Balbianello, and the picturesque towns of Tremezzo and Bellagio.
  • Option to swim, enjoy refreshments, and explore the charming village of Lezzeno.
  • Customizable itinerary and pace, allowing for a serene and immersive experience tailored to the unique desires of each private party.

Tour Highlights

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Tour Highlights

The tour offers a captivating glimpse into the movie-set villas dotting the shoreline, inviting guests to discover the enchantment of Bellagio and explore the iconic estates featured in cinematic masterpieces.

You’ll glide past the elegant Villa La Cassinella, its manicured gardens and terracotta-tiled roofs a testament to Italian grandeur.

Further along, the striking Villa del Balbianello comes into view, its sweeping stone terraces and cypress-lined pathways instantly recognizable from films like Star Wars and House of Gucci.

The tour then winds through the charming streets of Tremezzo and Lezzeno, offering a chance to soak in the laid-back allure of Lake Como’s picturesque villages.

Itinerary Overview

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Itinerary Overview

Embarking from the scenic Piazza Giovanni Grandi in Isola Comacina, the wooden boat tour takes guests on a captivating journey along the enchanting shoreline of Lake Como.

As the boat glides across the serene waters, visitors are treated to a series of breathtaking photo stops, including the iconic Villa La Cassinella, the majestic Villa del Balbianello, and the charming towns of Tremezzo and Bellagio.

Along the way, guests can admire the stunning Villa Melzi Garden and the picturesque village of Lezzeno.

The tour promises an unforgettable experience, with opportunities to swim, enjoy refreshing beverages, and even discover movie-set villas that have graced the silver screen.

Inclusions and Exclusions

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Inclusions and Exclusions

Aboard the wooden boat, guests will find a host of included amenities to enhance their experience, from plush towels and an open bar with prosecco service to refreshing swim stops and onboard toilet facilities.

The tour company has thoughtfully curated these inclusions to ensure a comfortable and carefree journey along the tranquil waters of Lake Como.

While the wooden boat offers a charming and intimate setting, it’s important to note that the tour may not be suitable for those with mobility impairments.

However, for those seeking an unforgettable adventure, this tour promises to deliver a truly unique and immersive experience, allowing guests to discover the hidden gems and cinematic landscapes of this picturesque region.

Private Group Experience

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Private Group Experience

A private group can embark on this enchanting wooden boat tour, where they’ll enjoy the intimacy and exclusivity of the experience.

Guests can relish in the serene ambiance, free from the crowds, as the boat glides across the tranquil waters of Lake Como, revealing its cinematic vistas.

This private excursion offers the ultimate in flexibility, allowing the group to customize the itinerary and pace according to their preferences.

Whether it’s stopping for a refreshing swim, capturing the perfect photo op, or savoring a glass of prosecco, the group can enjoy the magic of Lake Como at their own leisure.

It’s a truly bespoke adventure, tailored to the unique desires of each private party.

Frequently Asked Questions

OnlyWood 4 Lake Como: Hidden Gems Wooden Boat Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

While the tour provides refreshing drinks and snacks, guests are welcome to bring their own food and beverages to enjoy as they discover the enchanting villas and picturesque towns along the shores of Lake Como.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required?

The tour has no minimum number of participants, allowing guests to enjoy a private, customized experience. Whether traveling solo or with a small group, adventurers can embark on this immersive exploration of Lake Como’s hidden gems.

Can I Customize the Itinerary to Visit Specific Locations?

Absolutely! The tour operator offers flexibility to customize the itinerary, allowing guests to visit their desired locations along Lake Como. Just discuss your preferences, and they’ll tailor the experience to suit your interests and needs.

Do I Need to Bring Any Special Equipment for the Swim Stop?

No need to worry – the tour provides towels for the refreshing swim stop. Just bring your swimsuit and sense of adventure as you dive into the captivating Lake Como waters during this unforgettable experience.

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Private Tour?

This private tour allows guests to explore Lake Como’s hidden gems in an intimate setting. With a maximum group size of just a few people, adventurers can enjoy the tour’s highlights without crowds.


Drifting along the shimmering waters of Lake Como, this exclusive wooden boat tour offers a captivating journey through the region’s cinematic landscapes.

Guests will discover hidden gems, enjoy the area’s enchanting ambiance, and create lasting memories amidst the grandeur of historic villas and enchanting towns.

An unforgettable adventure awaits those who embark on this intimate and customizable experience.

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