Sorrento’s private exclusive fishing experience is the stuff that dreams are made of for passionate anglers. Venturing out at the crack of dawn, guests embark on a scenic journey across the sparkling waters that separate the iconic island of Capri and the dramatic headland of Punta Campanella. Under the guidance of seasoned experts, visitors explore the art of deep-sea trolling and vertical jigging, with the chance to reel in an impressive array of marine life, from the acrobatic albacore to the mighty bluefin tuna. But the true thrill lies not just in the catch, but in the entire experience that promises to leave a lasting impression on the senses.

Key Points


  • Private and exclusive fishing experience in the waters between Capri island and Punta Campanella headland, targeting prized marine species like albacore and swordfish.
  • Employ a variety of time-tested fishing techniques, including deep-sea trolling and vertical jigging, under the guidance of seasoned anglers.
  • Enjoy a scenic journey departing from Sorrento or Castellammare port around 6 AM, with a light yet delightful local lunch served around 11 AM.
  • Customize the experience by departing from other ports or including non-fishing members of the group, subject to availability and potential supplementary charges.
  • Follow a catch-and-release policy to preserve the local marine ecosystem, and bring sun protection for comfort and safety.

Fishing Techniques and Catch


On this private fishing experience, seasoned anglers employ a variety of time-tested techniques to reel in an impressive array of prized marine species. From the thrill of deep-sea trolling to the precision of vertical jigging, participants can expect to encounter coveted catches like albacore, yellowtail, imperial garfish, swordfish, and the majestic bluefin tuna.

The waters between the stunning Capri island and the iconic Punta Campanella headland are a treasure trove for passionate anglers, who’ll spend the morning casting their lines and waiting eagerly for that telltale tug. With the guidance of an expert fisherman, guests are sure to experience the true excitement and satisfaction of landing these magnificent sea creatures.

Itinerary and Inclusions


The fishing experience begins with a warm welcome from the captain, who’ll brief guests on the day’s itinerary over a refreshing cup of coffee.

Participants then embark on a scenic journey, leaving the Sorrento or Castellammare port around 6 AM, to explore the stretch of sea between the stunning Capri island and the iconic Punta Campanella headland.

Once the lines are cast, the skilled angler shares their expertise, guiding guests through a variety of fishing techniques, from deep-sea trolling to vertical jigging.

Around 11 AM, the group enjoys a light yet delightful lunch featuring local specialties like caponata, fresh fruit salad, and crisp white wine, before returning to port around 12 PM.

Customization and Important Information

SORRENTO : PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE FISHING EXPERIENCE - Customization and Important Information

Guests can customize their fishing experience in several ways to suit their preferences and needs. They can opt for departures from other ports, though this may incur a supplementary charge and is subject to availability. Non-fishing members of the group can also join the excursion and enjoy a scenic landing.

The skipper can adjust the fishing techniques employed, tailoring the methods to the prevailing weather and sea conditions.

To ensure a comfortable and safe experience, guests are encouraged to bring sunscreen and a hat. The activity follows a catch-and-release policy, allowing for the preservation of the local marine ecosystem.

With these thoughtful considerations, guests can look forward to an unforgettable private fishing adventure off the stunning Sorrento coastline.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Maximum Number of Participants Allowed?

This exclusive fishing experience allows for a small group of up to 4 participants to enjoy a personalized day on the water with an expert angler. The intimate setting ensures a truly memorable and immersive fishing adventure.

Is There Any Option for a Longer Duration?

The fishing experience can be extended to 8 hours for an additional cost, giving anglers more time to explore the waters and potentially catch a wider variety of species. The extended duration offers a more immersive and rewarding fishing adventure.

Can We Keep the Caught Fish for Personal Consumption?

Unfortunately, this fishing experience has a catch-and-release policy, so anglers can’t keep the caught fish for personal consumption. However, the light lunch provided features fresh local seafood, allowing guests to sample the delicious flavors of the region.

Is There a Discount for Group Bookings?

The activity offers no group discounts, as it’s a private, exclusive experience. However, the personalized service and opportunity to catch prized fish like tuna and swordfish make it a worthwhile splurge for small groups seeking an unforgettable day on the water.

Can We Bring Our Own Fishing Equipment?

You’re welcome to bring your own fishing gear, but the package includes professional equipment and lures. The expert angler will be happy to provide guidance on the best techniques to use in these waters for the day’s catch.



Sorrento’s private fishing experience is a must for serious anglers. Skilled experts guide guests in catching prized marine species, from albacore to bluefin tuna, using time-honored techniques.

The scenic voyage, delightful local lunch, and catch-and-release policy make this an unforgettable deep-sea adventure. Anglers can’t help but leave the waters of Capri and Punta Campanella with a newfound appreciation for the region’s bountiful marine life.

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